Sometimes your whole world crashes down on you. Unfortunately for some, this happens too many times. Sometimes when you’re standing amongst the ruins of your life you wonder why? You wonder why there’s so much pain, again. You feel frustrated, frustrated because you can’t quite put your finger on what you ever did to deserve the hand you’ve been dealt in life. Everything happens for a reason, whilst you shake, cry and despair, you wonder what an earth that reason could be. Whilst your heart beats loudly you wonder how it can possibly carry on beating. How can it just carry on when it feels so very broken? And you wonder how you’re going to carry on too. You wonder how life will ever be normal again, ever be happy again, ever be a life you might enjoy taking part in again.

Sometimes your world crashes down and you are almost ready to admit defeat. Almost ready to say ‘enough is enough’, almost ready to say no more. I’m done. Full stop.

Then you remember the people who didn’t cause you any pain, the people who never wanted your world to crash down. Who tried their best to stop it from happening. There are a few, they are there, still there and they are waiting to pull you from the wreckage, to hold your shaking hand and to help you live. Again. And those faithful, honest and genuine people deserve you to carry on. They deserve your thanks and you thank them every day by living and helping them to live too.

I have been knocked down. Again. I have had my heart broken. Again. But my story is not over.


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