New Year

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I never have been. But I have spent my relaxed, sleep filled, hangover free new year thinking about what I would like from 2019. I would really like it to be kind to me. I’d like less tears, less heart ache, less longing for times gone by. I’d like a fresh start, a clean page to write my story on. I would like to fill my 2019 pages with stories of times spent with those I love, with times meeting and making new friends and seeing and doing new things.
I will not take those times, those people and those stories for granted. Because I know that at any given time, the carpet can be yanked from under your feet, and you can fall, fall really bloody hard. I want to keep that carpet fixed firmly in place, the best I can, but always keep in mind that sometimes the yanking is beyond our control. And that’s ok.

I want 2019 to be kind to me and so I shall spend 2019 being kind.

I am going to make just two resolutions for this year: I am going to enjoy life to the fullest and I am going to be kind.


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